Splash is a game where you control a cherry who wants to escape.

If you have ever played Pokemon, you know that ice sliding puzzles can be found almost on every generation. This game takes some idea from the ice sliding puzzle, and added a twist to it.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Construct 2, Pixel Art


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The level design is great!
Especially the "Booby Trap" level.
Short, enticing, but simple gameplay, perfect for a game jam entry!

The sprite for the cherries could need some work, though!
Maybe even choose another fruit? A ball-like fruit that would abide to the theme more.

Overall, a great job, I had fun playing it and I hope that you had fun making it!

Thank you for your suggestions! 

I chose cherry in the first place because I liked pink :) but i didn't expect that makes it less stick to the theme


Very Interesting gameplay ! I really love the originality and the level design, that was clever. Still, it could have been more thematic, but anyway, it very good !

Btw, i love the "Eagles" "Hotel California" Reference at the end ;)

Thank you!